When the power pack needs to be charged:

1. There are two possibilities to charge the battery:

a. Battery can be charged directly thru control box, connect charger to control box

DC jack then you can charge the battery. Please release emergency button

before charging. Charge will not be possible if emergency button is lokcked.

b. Battery can also be charged on charge stand, remove battery pack from the lift.

The pack is retained by a simple latch at the top of the battery pack. Lift the latch

and the battery pack will be released.

Fit the battery pack to the charging stand, connect charger to charge stand DC

jack, then you can charge that battery.

2. Charging is automatic and will fully charge the batteries over a period of approximately

   3 hours.


After battery is fully charged, even if the charger is left plugged in for extended

periods it will not overcharge the battery.

a) Green Light - Indicates main power is on.

b) Orange Light – Indicates battery is being charged.

c) Battery will be fully charged when green light is on after orang light.


It is recommended that the battery be charged immediately upon receipt.

3. To return the lift to service,

a. When battery is being charged on control box, simply unplug the charger.

b. Unplug the charger and remove the battery pack from the charging stand. Fit the

battery pack to the lift and make sure the latch holding the battery pack in place is

fully engaged. “Click” in place.

4. Charge battery when battery is kept or without being operated for more than 3 months.

It is quite easy and simple to charge battery, but you should follow the charging

instructions closely. Please pay particular attention to the following points, they will

help a lot to avoid problems with discharged batteries.



 The power system include battery, charger, hand control and control box, actuator are

not to be repaired or opened by unauthorized personnel. (Contact your distributor for

warranty and repairs).

 Never touch battery/charger terminals with any metal object.

 KEEP the batteries fully charged. Place the battery on the charge whenever it is not in

use. If it is more convenient to do so, place on charge every night. The charger will

not make the batteries to overcharge.

 NEVER run the batteries completely exhausted. As soon as there is an audible

warning sounds, complete the lifting operation in hand and charge battery.

 To avoid possible permanent damage to the battery, the battery should be being

charged as soon as the display indicates the half remaining battery symbol.

 NEVER store the battery for long periods without regular charging throughout the

storage period. It is suggested to charge battery 3 months once at least.

 Do not leave the battery pack connected with the charger unit unplugged.

 DO NOT leave the charger plugged in with no battery connected.

 NEVER disconnect the charger plug by pulling on the cable.

 BE CAREFUL not to trip over the charger cable lead.

 DO NOT charge batteries in wet environment or a bathroom or shower room.