Check item Detail Initial Before Operation


1. Examine wear or fraying, if any, do not use 

Spread bar 

1. Check the spreader bar for rotating and swing

freely. Check for wear on the cradle pivot,

make sure all attachment is firmly fixed on the


2. Make sure clip of hook is working properly.


1. Check the mast is engaged into base socket and

fixed properly.

2. Check actuator is well installed on mast with bolt

and nut fastened.


 1. Check bolt of joint with mast is properly fixed.

2. Make sure there is only slightly side movement of

the boom.

3. Make sure boom is able to rotate smoothly and


4. Check actuator is well installed on boom with bolt

and nut fastened.


1. Actuator is well fixed.

2. No abnormal noise is heard

3. No descending when with loading except

handset down button is touched.

4. Check manual lowering function is well working.

Control box

1. Check emergency stop button function.

2. Check handset connecting is properly.

3. Check actuator connecting is properly.

4. Check up-down function is properly.

5. Check battery is fitted properly.


 1. Check clip of battery is well fixed to control box.

2. Check remaining capacity is above lowest

indication on LED screen.

3. Check there is no liquid leakage on the housing

of battery from inside.

Leg adjustment

1. Check legs could be operated in both inward and



1. Check all castors are able to rotate freely.

2. Check all castors are attached to the legs firmly.

3. Check all castors are on the floor.

Hand set

1. Make sure it is plugged into control box fully


1. Lubricate pivot joint, connection of boom and

mast, cradle joint if required.


 1. Clean with soft soap and water especially push

handle or possible disinfected surface.

2. Never use harsh chemical cleaners or abrasives.


1. Make sure all fix point, bolt, nut are properly